CLAmp… a Command Line tool for Winamp

if you need to control and manage Winamp from command line or scripts, CLAmp a free little nice tool for this


CLAmp usage:


CLAMP {Options}

CLAmp /START  ==> Start Winamp

CLAmp /QUIT  ==> Exit Winamp

CLAmp /PLAY  ==> Play (current file) – Quits Stopped or Pause mode

CLAmp /STOP  ==> Stop playing

CLAmp /PAUSE  ==> Toggle pause mode

CLAmp /PAUSE ON|OFF  ==> Sets pause mode

CLAmp /NEXT  ==> Play next song

CLAmp /PREV  ==> Play previous song

CLAmp /REPEAT  ==> Toggle Repeat mode

CLAmp /REPEAT ON  ==> Set Repeat mode ON

CLAmp /REPEAT OFF  ==> Set Repeat mode OFF

CLAmp /VOLUP [X]  ==> Volume up

CLAmp /VOLDN [X]  ==> Volume down

CLAmp /VOL=<value>  ==> Volume set (scale 0-100)

CLAmp /VOLMAX  ==> Volume max

CLAmp /VOLMIN  ==> Volume min (no sound)

CLAmp /WAV MUTE ON  ==> Mutes speaker

CLAmp /WAV MUTE OFF  ==> Unmutes speaker

CLAmp /WAV VOLSET <value>  ==> Sets volume (for both speakers) on a 0-65535 scale


And Much much more…

From CLAmp Homepage, we can view some more info and command options.



DOWNLOAD CLAmp.exe Version (1.13)

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