How To Know Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Version

I’ve been through a troubleshooting that I needed to know what is the version of iSCSI initiator is running on the server (we may come to the issue and the troubleshooting done in another post)

If you are in the same situation, you can use the steps below to identify the version of iSCSI initiator on your server:


STEP1: Find the Driver Version Number

– Open Device Manager, and expand the SCSI and RAID controllers node


– Right click on Microsoft iSCSI Initiator, and click Prosperities

– Go to the Driver tab, and take note of the Driver version number



STEP2: Map the Driver Version to the iSCSI Version

– lookup the version number in the below table to find the corresponding iSCSI Initiator release version:


Driver Version iSCSI Initiator Version
5.2.3790.198 version 1.0
5.2.3790.205 version 1.01
5.2.3790.215 version 1.02
5.2.3790.218 version 1.03
5.2.3790.243 version 1.04
5.2.3790.244 version 1.04a
5.2.3790.277 version 1.05
5.2.3790.279 version 1.05a
5.2.3790.302 version 1.06
5.2.3790.1653 version 2.0
5.2.3790.1748 version 2.01
5.2.3790.1895 version 2.02
5.2.3790.3099 version 2.03
5.2.3790.3273 version 2.04
5.2.3790.3392 version 2.05
5.2.3790.3497 version 2.06
5.2.3790.3640 version 2.07
5.2.3790.3825 version 2.08

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