Month: March 2012

How to Isolate Forefront Protection For Exchange While Troubleshooting Emails Related Issues

It’s likely for while troubleshooting an emails related issues like some Exchange services are not starting, or there’s a delay in the messages processing… etc, that you will be thinking to isolate the issue to perform your root cause analysis.

One thing you may consider is to temporarily disable the integration of the Exchange Services and Forefront Protection for Exchange 2010 (FPE 2010) or the old Forefront Security for Exchange FSE.

A specific utility called Fscutility.exe that’s available in the FPE installation directory (as well as FSE) can help you to easily perform this action as shown below:

1- Open the command prompt (cmd.exe)

2- Move to the Forefront Protection for Exchange installation directory, for Example:

CD “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server”

3- To check the current integration status, run this command:

Fscutility /status

4- To Disable the Integration:

Fscutility /disable

5- To Re-Enable the integration:

Fscutility /enable


I found that this utility parameters are case sensitive, so Fscutility /disable is correct, but Fscutility /Disable will not work.