[PowerShell] Skype For Business Daily Configurations and Topology Change Report


The new script Compare-CsConfiguration.ps1 is now available on Technet Gallery 🙂

Compare-CsConfiguration.ps1 script will generate a daily reference file for Skype for Business server CsConfiguration, and compare it with the last day reference file.

First day you run the script, a reference file will be created, and from the next day you will get the Topology and CsConfiguration changes report.

he result is emailed to the addresses you defined in the User Variables section,   The Result also will be saved in the selected folder.

The configurations compared includes:

  • Skype for Business Server Topology.
  • Federated Partners.
  • BW Policies.
  • Access Numbers.
  • Dial Plans. ….etc.

Some Screenshots:

First day running the script, The first reference file will be prepared, and of course no comparison will happen:


Example of when there are no changes between current configurations and yesterday’s configurations:


Example when there are some changes:


The Script and some more details are available here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Skype-For-Business-Daily-b04dd3a5/

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