Configure The Windows Services Recovery Options From Command Line

The command will configure the recovery options for a given service as:

  • First Failure: Restart the Service
  • Second Failure: Restart the Service
  • Subsequent failures: Take No Action (this is set to “take No Action” to avoid infinite restart attempts)
  • Restart Fail Count After: 1 Day
  • Restart Service After: 1 minute

2014-11-02 14_08_32-Remote Desktop Manager [Quick connect - EGCTRX01DR] - Trial version expire in 5

SC failure <Service Name> actions= restart/60000/restart/60000/""/60000 reset= 86400

Example for Message Queuing service:

SC failure MSMQ actions= restart/60000/restart/60000/""/60000 reset= 86400

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